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Задание 3

Choose the right answer.

Only one answer is correct.

1) ... a lot of time for museums at the weekend.

A) There are,
B) It is,
C) It will be,
D) There is

2) The table cloth Mary ... is very pretty.

A) has laid,
B) lay,
C) lied,
D) has lain

3) ... tasteless clothes!
A) What,
B) What a,
C) How,
D) How a

4) I can't see you ... the picture.

A) on,
B) at,
C) from,
D) in

5) I like all kinds of music ... jazz.

A) besides,
B) except,
C) beside,
D) accept

6) He behaved ....

A) strange,
B) strange way,
C) strangely,
D) very strange

7) I saw her open the window and ... to someone.

A) waved,
B) wave,
C) waving,
D) to wave

8) ... Pamela's cousins.

A) They is,
B) This are,
C) There is,
D) These are

9) To give ... is easier than to follow it.

A) an advice,
B) advice,
C) advices,
D) the advices

10) Michael's new apartment is ... .

A) much large,
B) much more larger,
C) much larger,
D) more larger

11) He said he didn't know when ....

A) was her birthday,
B) is her birthday,
C) her birthday was,
D) her birthday will be

12) We have to prepare the documents by tomorrow, ... we?

A) haven't,
B) don't,
C) have,
D) has

13) I don't like ... bright things.

A) so,
B) such a,
C) such,
D) so a

14) Must you really go now? Can't you ... for a drink?

A) to leave,
B) stay,
C) be left,
D) to stay

15) John asked Mary ... late for dinner.

A) didn't be,
B) don't be,
C) not to be,
D) not be

16) Can you make your son ... more agreeable?

A) be,
B) to be,
C) being,
D) will be

17) I couldn't find that house as I ... there only once.

A) have been,
B) was,
C) had been,
D) was being

18) They'll arrive ... the Congress Hall in half an hour.

A) in,
B) at,
C) to,
D) —

19) There will come a day when we ... again.

A) will meet,
B) meet,
C) will have been,
D) are meeting

20) When I came back, a new metro line ....

A) was being built,
B) had built,
C) was building,
D) has been built

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