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Narrator: Describe an ideal marriage partner. What qualities do you think are most important for a husband and wife? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choices.

After you hear the question you will have 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to record your answer.

This is an example response to the question.
In my view three characteristics are essential for a marriage partner. Compatibility is very important, because spending the rest of your life with someone is a huge commitment, and without compatibility in values and interests, and goals, it could be a struggle rather than a partnership. I also think that a good marriage partner should fit into your family. Without accceptance and affection for you as a couple, you could risk the relationship you have with family members. And attraction is another factor. Since fidelity is part of a marriage contract, the expression of love will be limited to your partner, so it should be a person you are attracted to.
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