Advanced Grammar Test.

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Choose the phrase that best completes the sentences. Sometimes more than one choice is possible. Answer variants are shown in red when hovering over it with the mouse.
The future
Be, have, do, make, etc.
Verbs: infinitives, -ing forms, etc.
Determiners and quantifiers
Relative clauses and other types of clause
Adverbs and conjunctions
Organising information
Nouns and compounds
Pronouns, substitution and leaving out words

The party was excellent, and I'd like to thank all the _______________ .

concerned people
responsible people
people responsible
people concerned

Our teacher gave us __________________ problem to solve.

a very impossible
a completely impossible
an absolutely impossible
an extremely impossible

I asked Francis to clean the car, and he did _______________.

a well job
the job good
a good job
the job well

My watch was among the __________________.

things taken
taken things
things stolen
stolen things

She felt good __________________ the prize.

about win
with winning
to win
about winning

He was busy __________________ his homework.

to do
that he was doing
he was doing

We are not in ___________________ financial position to cut taxes.

an enough strong
strong enough
sufficiently strong enough
a sufficiently strong

She was _________________ as anyone could have been.

as patient teacher
a patient a teacher
as patient as teacher
as patient a teacher

Upper-Intermediate Tests