Choose the correct alternative. Advanced Test on Passive Voice.

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Choose one of the four alternatives to complete the sentences in the best way. Sometimes more than one choice is possible. Answer variants are shown in red when hovering over it with the mouse.
Verbs: infinitives, -ing forms, etc.
The future
Organising information
Be, have, do, make, etc.
Determiners and quantifiers
Relative clauses and other types of clause
Adverbs and conjunctions
Nouns and compounds
Pronouns, substitution and leaving out words

.....................during the storm.

They were collapsed the fence
The fence was collapsed
They collapsed the fence
The fence collapsed

The new computer month.

is being installed by people
is be installed
is being installed
is been installed

The the zoo.

were enjoyed taken
enjoyed being taken
were enjoyed taking
enjoyed taking

.....................chair the meeting.

John was decided to
There was decided that John should
It was decided that John should
John had been decided to

Upper-Intermediate Tests

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