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Topics Workbook TOEFL

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Unit 3 Times past


6 Regular and irregular verbs

A Change these verbs into the past tense and complete the table.

    spend wash study force buy cover marry
    improve send film agree keep depend leave
    want wear punish give wait work
Irregular Regular
  -ed -ied -d
spentwashed studied forced
bought covered marriedimproved
sentfilmed   agreed
kept depended    
wore wanted   
gave punished   

B Look at the regular verbs only. Which endings are pronounced /d/, which /id/ and which /t/?
-ed = /d/, -ied = /id/, -d = /t/

7 Past simple, past continuous or passive?

Read this interview with Rachel White who worked on 1900 House.Use the correct form of the words in brackets.

Presenter What was day-to-day life like?

Rachel Well, the family was woken up at 5.30 every morning by the film crew. The first thing they would do was light a fire.

Presenter 5.30 is very early.

Rachel Yes, it is, but simple tasks like making breakfast or getting dressed took a long time in the 1900s.

Presenter And how did Mrs Bowler spend her day?

Rachel She spent most of her time doing household chores, such as tidying the rooms, washing clothes and dusting. Everything was covered in coal dust from the fire. Once the chores were done, she would go to the shops to collect the groceries.

Presenter What type of things were they able to buy?

Rachel They could only buy things which were available in 1900. For example, the Victorians didn't have shampoo, they used eggs and lemon instead. However, once when Kathryn was shopping, she secretly bought a bottle - she said she couldn't stand having dirty hair!

Presenter Did they experience any other problems?

Rachel Yes, they did. While they were living in the house, we filmed them almost every day. At times they got self-conscious because everybody was watching them.