Appendix 1. List of present and past tenses

  • Simple present I do (Units 24)

    I work in a bank but I don’t enjoy it very much.

    Tom watches television every evening.

    Do you like parties?

    We don’t go out very often. We usually stay home.

  • Present continuous I am doing (Units 1, 3, and 4)

    Please don’t bother me. I’m working.

    “What’s Tom doing?” “He’s watching television.”

    Hello, Ann. Are you enjoying the party?

    We aren’t going to the party tomorrow night.

  • Present perfect I have done (Units 1315, 1720)

    I’ve lost my key. Have you seen it anywhere?

    “Is Tom here?” “No, he has gone home.”

    How long have they been married?

    The house is very dirty. We haven’t cleaned it for weeks.

  • Present perfect continuous I have been doing (Units 16Unit 18)

    I’m tired. I’ve been working hard all day.

    You’re out of breath. Have you been running?

    How long has she been studying English?

    I haven’t been feeling very well lately.

  • Simple past I did (Units 11 and 20)

    I lost my key yesterday.

    They went to the movies, but they didn’t enjoy the film.

    What time did you get up this morning?

    It was hot in the room, so she opened the window.

  • Past continuous I was doing(Unit 12)

    When I arrived, Tom was watching television.

    This time last year I was living in Brazil.

    What were you doing at 10:00 last night?

    The television was on, but they weren’t watching it.

  • Past perfect I had done (Unit 21)

    I couldn’t get into the house because I had lost my key.

    When I arrived at the party, Sue wasn’t there. She had gone home.

    They didn’t come to the movies with us because they had already seen the film.

    The house was dirty because we hadn’t cleaned it for weeks.

  • Past perfect continuous I had been doing (Unit 22)

    I was very tired. I had been working hard all day.

    He was leaning against a wall, out of breath. He had been running.

For the passive, see Units 4042. For the future, see Units 410.

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