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Essays On Computers
  • What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today. Essay 1. Learn to communicate.
  • Essay 2. Master computer skills.
  • Essay 3. Learn to teach himself or herself. Keep studying
  • Essay 4. Computer skill is the most important.
  • Essay 5. The skill for success is tolerance.
  • Has the media paid too much attention to celebrities?
  • How do movies or TV affect people?
  • What is the very important skill a person should learn in the world today. Essay 2. Master computer skills.

    Nowadays people say that we have stepped into "The Information Age", therefore computer skills are one of the most important skills in today's society. Being able to operate a computer is an advanced technique and can increase one’s work efficiency and simplify many works. Using a computer can help people do many complex works. You can calculate a very complex arithmetic problem. Many arithmetic problems in engineering are too complex to work out by hands. A computer can do these works conveniently and easily. You can also look for some references from a foreign country from a computer if you login in the Internet. You can save your documents in some discs on a computer no matter how large they are and you do not need to take a lot of paper.

    Using a computer can increase your work efficiency. With its help, you can book plane tickets and hotel rooms for a business trip. You can easily compile your files in a shorter time and retrive them whenever you need. If you are an engineer, you can control machines automatically with the help of a computer. The products are more precise than those controlled by hands and the product efficiency is higher. You can save a lot of time to consider other things and this is important for your success.

    If you can operate a computer, you can sit down in your own home and control distant work. All you need to do is pressing some keys. With the help of a computer, your work can be simplified. You also can use a computer to communicate with your friends by e-mails and it is quicker and safer than ordinary means. There are many other skills a person should learn to be successful, but I think that being able to operating a computer is the most important.