Unit 84. Relative clauses (1) – clauses with who/that/which

But sometimes you must use who for people – see Unit 87.

  • I don’t like stories that have unhappy endings.

  • Jerry works for a company that makes typewriters.

  • Everything that happened was my fault.

  • The window that was broken has now been repaired. You can also use which for things (but not for people):

  • Where are the eggs which were in the refrigerator?

    That is more usual than which in the sentences in this unit. But sometimes you must use which – see Unit 87.

    Remember that we use who/that/which instead of he/she/they/it:

    ? Do you know the man who lives next door? (not. .. who he lives …)

    Now study the next unit for more information about relative clauses.

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