Unit 58. Expressions + -ing

When these expressions are followed by a verb, the verb ends in -ing:

It’s no use

  • It’s no use worrying about it. There’s nothing you can do.

  • It’s no use trying to persuade me. You won’t succeed.

    There’s no point in…

  • There’s no point in buying a car if you don’t want to drive it.

  • There was no point in waiting, so we went.

    It’s (not) worth

  • My house is only a short walk from here. It’s not worth taking a taxi.

  • It was so late when we got home, it wasn’t worth going to bed. You can say: “a book is worth reading / a movie is worth seeing, etc.:

  • Do you think this book is worth reading?

  • You should go and see that movie. It’s really worth seeing.

    (Have) difficulty/trouble

  • I had difficulty finding a place to live, (not to find)

  • Did you have any trouble getting a visa?

  • People often have great difficulty reading my writing.

    Remember that we say “difficulty” (not difficulties) and “trouble” (not troubles):

  • I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty/trouble passing the exam. You can also say “(have) difficulty in -ing”:

  • He’s shy. He has difficulty in talking to people he doesn’t know well.

    A waste of money /time

  • It’s a waste of time reading that book. It’s trash.

  • It’s a waste of money buying things you don’t need.

    Spend/waste (time)

  • I spent hours trying to repair the clock.

  • I waste a lot of time daydreaming.

    Go -ing We use go -ing for a number of activities (especially sports):

    go shopping go swimming go skiing go fishing
    go climbing go sailing
    go riding go sightseeing

  • How often do you go swimming?

  • I’m going skiing next year.

  • I have to go shopping this morning.

  • I’ve never been sailing.

    For “I’ve been / I’ve gone” see Unit 13c.

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