Unit 50. Tag questions (are you? doesn’t he?, etc.)


You’re not working late, are you? It was a good film, wasn’t it?

Are you? and wasn’t it? are tag questions (= mini-questions that we put on the end of a sentence). In tag questions we use the auxiliary verb (see Unit 49). For the present and past use do/does/did: They came by car, didn’t they?
Normally we use a positive tag question with a negative sentence:

negative sentence + positive tag

Tom won’t be late, will he?

They don’t like us, do they?

That isn’t George over there, is it?

And normally we use a negative tag question with a positive sentence:

positive sentence + negative tag

Ann will be here soon, won’t she?

Tom should pass his exam, shouldn’t he?

They were very angry, weren’t they?

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