Unit 120. Verb + preposition (2)

Study this list of verbs + preposition:

dream ABOUT someone/something:

  • I dreamed about you last night.

    dream OF being something / doing something (= imagine):

  • I often dream of being rich.

    also: “(I) wouldn’t dream (of doing something)”:

  • “Don’t tell anyone what I said.” “No, I wouldn’t dream of it.”

    happen TO someone/something:

  • A strange thing happened to me the other day.
  • What happened to that gold watch you used to have?

    hear ABOUT something (= be told about something):

  • Did you hear about the fight in the club on Saturday night?
  • Have you heard about Jane? She’s getting married.

    hear OF someone/something (= know that someone/something exists):

  • “Who is Tom Brown?” “I have no idea. I’ve never heard of him.”
  • Have you heard of a company called “Smith Electronics”?

    hear FROM someone (= receive a letter / telephone call from someone):

  • “Have you heard from Ann recently?” “Yes, she wrote to me last week.”

    laugh/smile AT someone/something:

  • I look stupid with this haircut. Everyone will laugh at me.

    listen TO someone/something:

  • We spent the evening listening to records.

    live ON money/food:

  • George’s salary is very low. It isn’t enough to live on.

    look AT someone/something (= look in the direction of):

  • Why are you looking at me like that?
    also: have a look AT, stare AT, glance AT

    look FOR someone/something (= try to find):

  • I’ve lost my keys. Can you help me look for them?

    look AFTER someone/something (= take care of):

  • She’s very old. She needs someone to look after her.

    meet WITH someone (= have a meeting with):

  • Our representatives met with the president of the company.

    pay (someone) FOR something:

  • I didn’t have enough money to pay for the meal.
    but: pay a bill / a fine / $50 / a fare / taxes, etc. (no preposition)

    rely ON someone/something:

  • You can rely on Jack. He always keeps his promises.

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