Unit 118. Adjective + preposition (2)

Study this list of adjectives + preposition:

sorry ABOUT something:

  • I’m sorry about the noise last night. We were having a party.

    but: sorry FOR doing something:

  • I’m sorry for shouting at you yesterday.

    You can also say:

  • I’m sorry I shouted at you yesterday.

    (to feel/to be) sorry FOR someone:

  • I feel sorry for George. He has no friends and no money.

    crazy ABOUT something:

  • Ann is crazy about Westerns. She’d go to the movies every night if a Western were playing.

    impressed BY/WITH someone/something:

  • I wasn’t very impressed by/with the movie.

    famous FOR something:

  • The Italian city of Florence is famous for its art treasures.

    responsible FOR something:

  • Who was responsible for all that noise last night?

    different FROM someone/something (in informal English we sometimes say different THAN):

  • The movie was quite different from what I expected.

    interested IN something:

  • Are you interested in art and architecture?

    capable/incapable OF something:

  • I’m sure you are capable of passing the examination.

    fond OF someone/something:

  • Mary is very fond of animals. She has three cats and two dogs.

    full OF something:

  • The letter I wrote was full of mistakes.

    short OF something:

  • I’m a little short of money. Can you lend me some?

    tired OF something:

  • Come on, let’s go! I’m tired of waiting.

    similar TO something:

  • Your writing is similar to mine.

    crowded WITH (people, etc.):

  • The city was crowded with tourists.
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