Unit 106. As (time) – “I watched her as she worked.” As (reason) – “As I was feeling tired, I went to bed.”

As (time): two things happening together

You can use as when two things happen at the same time or over the same period of time:

  • I watched her as she opened the letter.
  • As they walked along the street, they looked in the store windows.
  • Turn off the light as you go out, please.

    We use as especially for two short actions happening at the same time:

  • George arrived as I left. (= he arrived and I left at the same time)
  • We all waved goodbye to Tom as he drove away in his car.

    You can also use just as (= exactly at that moment):

  • George arrived just as I left.
  • Just as I sat down, the phone rang.

    We also use as when two changes happen over the same period of time:

  • As the day wore on, the weather got worse.
  • I began to enjoy the job more as I got used to it.

    As (time): one thing happening during another

    You can say that you did something as you were doing something else (= in the middle of doing something else).

    When we use as in this way, both actions are usually quite short:

  • The man slipped as he was getting off the train.
  • Jill burned herself as she was taking the cake out of the oven.
  • The thief was seen as he was climbing over the wall.

    You can also use just as:

  • Just as we were going out, it started to rain.
  • I had to leave just as the conversation was getting interesting. For the past continuous (was getting / were going, etc.) see Unit 12.

    Note that we use as only if two actions happen together. Do not use as if one action follows another:

  • When I got home, I took a bath, (not as I got home)

    As (reason)

    As sometimes means “because”:

  • As I was feeling tired, I went to bed early. (= because I was feeling tired)
  • As they live near us, we see them quite often.
  • As tomorrow is a national holiday, all the stores will be closed.
  • As we had nothing better to do, we watched television the whole evening.

    For as and like see Unit 107. For asas see Unit 99.

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